Beginning the Adventure

I have been sitting today and renewing my mind with positive affirmations and listening to Leo Buscaglia tapes on youtube. Mr. Buscaglia has been deceased since June of 1998 which was heartbreaking to me because I so wanted to meet him.  I guess I will have to wait a little longer.

When I was in church this past Sunday, I realized I wanted to write about “love”.  I have, in the past few years, begun listening to tapes and reading books by Leo Buscaglia.  Listening to him always lifts my spirit and fills me with a passion to live my dream of becoming a writer.

Today, after listening for several hours, I located the name of his publisher.  I sent an email to Ms. Hay who, to my surprise, promptly returned a reply.  I was so thankful and ready to press on.  Ms. Hay suggested that I begin a blog and write in it everyday which is what I am going to do.  I am very excited about this and hope the content is something that will be helpful not only to myself, and those who follow my blog, but the whole world as there can never be enough love.

Till next time, may Light make your path clear, may Wisdom be your guide and may Love lead you in this journey called “Life”.


About slbphoenix

I am an educated, caring women in her 50's, beginning a writing career. I am passionate about my topic "Love" because it is the answer to everything.
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