Why the Topic “Love” Part II

Since I had not had love shown to me as a child, I knew how important is was for me to make sure my children knew how wonderful they are and how much they are loved.  I realized that I would need to figure out what were the most important things I wanted to teach my children.  I decided that I would attempt to teach them that they are loved very much, that they are wonderful people and that they can do anything they want if they are willing to put forth the effort and work to make their dreams a reality.

My children have learned these things, and I am so proud of all their accomplishments.  However, I am even prouder of the people they have become.  My children are  loving, creative, smart people who give me great joy.  I see them with their significant others and their friends and am in awe of how they have learned to share love with those around them.

Having said all the above, the point I want to make is that even though I came from a home that lacked love, it did not prevent me from knowing how important love is.  When you know you are loved and valued, you can reach new heights of happiness, joy and success.  God brought me through a world of hurt, molded me, loved me and helped me to become someone who truly likes who she is.  I am thankful everyday for the wonder of what love can do.

I began listening to Leo Buscaglia after going through some health issues, had lost about 1 1/2 years of work and was re-entering the workforce.  God had, once again, brought me through a storm to teach me just how wonderful and valuable life is.  I had wanted to listen to some motivational tapes to prepare myself for going back to work, so I went on ebay and found “Celebrate Life”by Leo.  I would listen to this tape everyday while on the way to work.  I enjoyed listening to Leo so much because of his passion for teaching people about Love.  When I would listen to him, I was also full of passion.  I have always believed that love is energy which when shown or experienced enters into the Universe and helps to create more love.  I believe the same can be said of hate.  I think a lot of our worlds’ problems revolve around lack of love being dispersed, while hate is being circulated at an alarming rate.

I hope you will join me as I explore love and share love within our world.

Till next time, may Light make your path clear, may Wisdom be your guide and may Love lead you in this journey called “Life”.


About slbphoenix

I am an educated, caring women in her 50's, beginning a writing career. I am passionate about my topic "Love" because it is the answer to everything.
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